You Assholes!

You were going to just go to work rather than let me know it is International Women’s Day?

I must not be trying at all. I can’t piss you off today. I’ll find a way. Shame on the boys, obviously, and shame on the girls. Obviously. I will post a picture of Erin Burnett because you have angered me so. Meow, here’s Erin:

Note briefly that I have not objectified Erin except as an object of fantasy, not boobs, legs or anything of the sort. She is whip smart, and has more style than any one of us could pull together.

But she is hot. Smoking hot.

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  1. Screw you and your smoking hot bullshit. I’m going to work late now, because you’ve hurt my feelings.

    1. Errr…nothing personal? I wasn’t looking to upset a wife. Other random assholes. The uh, house will, uh, look better and stuff.


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