Success In Marriage, Part One

There are a few simple rules for the male to follow.

1. What she says goes.

2. Leave her alone.

3. “I said, leave me alone” is what she will say if you don’t follow these rules.

This is an arrangement I can live with. This can lead to banishment to your hobbies, or worse yet, you will be cooking for yourself AND doing the dishes while she plots an untimely death for you in a future far enough away so that you will not know that is coming. So don’t fuck with your wife too much, goombahs, or any women you may like. Think of it as them hungover from International Women’s Day. No one thinks well with a hangover.

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  1. I never told you to leave me alone and I never forced you to cook for yourself. You wanted to eat before I was ready to cook. Big difference, smartie.
    Love you anyway

    1. I’m sorry I have to sort your clothes like a mother and you still won’t put them away. Muhahahaha.

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