You Have The Right To Be Ignorant

That’s what Black Walnut says about what he knows about foreign policy:

“Knowing who is the head of some of these small insignificant states around the world — I don’t think that is something that is critical to focusing on national security and getting this economy going. When I get ready to go visit that country, I’ll know who it is. But until then, I want to focus on the big issues that we need to solve.”

Small, insignificant states? Only an obnoxious American Empire wanker would ever say this about a country.

“With U.S.-Pakistan tensions on the rise, the Obama administration is in discussions with Uzbekistan about increasing military supply routes to the U.S.-led Afghanistan war through the former-Soviet republic, whose authoritarian president — Islam Karimov — has some human rights issues.”

Black Walnut is going to find, like Obama did, how difficult it will be to balance homeland difficulties with other rational actors on the world stage. But confessing to ignorance is a loser as a strategy, and he’s already stepped into this merde once by not knowing what the phrase “right of return” means. Homework is important, Herman. Do some. Pick up a copy of Foreign Affairs or something. Is this the option for the GOP? A guy who says “I don’t know and I don’t care”? Or “I’ll fuck that chicken when I get to it”?

Black Walnut, you better get to hurryin’. The caramel colored brother from another mother is going to own your bitch-ass in a debate because he’s got the battle scars to prove that you can’t fight City Hall.



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