Broad Way

I believe in progress. I think that while there may be temporary setbacks to freedom and prosperity for all, the arc of history will bend towards the little guy eventually. They got the guns, but we got the numbers.

I think we will have universal broadband, or at least a form of subsidized national broadband soon. I can’t put a date on it, but it is undeniable that every person is going to need the Internet to do basic things. Finland is the only country to have realized that Internet access is a right.

But the telecoms aren’t going to let go of their rapacious domination of the broadband market. They’re making millions upon millions gouging people for shitty service. They put the lie to the idea that private enterprise does everything better. And they’ve got the high-powered lawyers and lobbyists trying to stop municipal Internet from arsing in various places. Now they’ve got states piling on regulations restricting the rise of government-supplied access. It’s an uphill battle. I remain optimistic, perhaps foolishly.

I would be happy to pay a tax to give everyone the ‘net. And any politician who championed this idea would see their favorables jump through the roof. One of these days they will have to choose people over profits if they want to have the power that comes from being elected.

Forward. It’s a new century! We always hear politicians say that America is a leader. How about we act like it for once?

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