When Will You Learn?

Christian lawmakers, fearing their irrelevancy and the possibility of losing their seats, are determined to fuck as much shit up as they can before they exit. Why do they keep opening Pandora’s box, knowing that it will blow up upon examination?

The Arkansas Capitol lawn could soon get crowded: Existing statues that honor Confederate soldiers, fallen firefighters and the nine black children who integrated Little Rock Central High School might be joined shortly by tributes for vegans, a monkey-faced deity and a cloven-hooved demon.

State legislators this year approved placing a privately funded Ten Commandments display on Capitol grounds, perhaps opening a way for religious groups and others to erect their own displays. The Satanic Temple has said it may erect a bronze Baphomet, and on Tuesday two more groups stepped forward to say they want space to promote their deeply held beliefs.

The Nevada-based Universal Society of Hinduism proposes a statue of Lord Hanuman, an immortal deity with an ape-like face and a tail known for incredible strength, perseverance and devotion.

The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals told The Associated Press it wants a massive vegetable banner hung from the Arkansas Capitol.

Apparently we can apply Newton’s third law in politics. Don’t they see this shit coming? Of course not. They’re cloaking the Ten’s monument in the guise of it being “history”. That’s massive bullshit. As I have said before, the Code of Hammurabi is “history”, but I don’t see anyone rushing to erect that thing. Hell, maybe that’s next. Not to mention that it is highly questionable that Moses ever lived, and he certainly did not take down stone tablets from a holy burning bush, from atop a giant mountain. That story has one source…well, two if you count the Koran-another book of fairy tales.

It’s nothing more than a blatant attempt to shoehorn their stupid faith into as many things as they can. If they can push their whacko beliefs, so can any other whacko. It never occurs to them that if they cut the shit, the other whackos will leave them alone as well.

H/T: Friendly Atheist

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