They Have To Give It A New Name

Did you know that we live in something called the Holocene era?

You did?

Damn. I should know this, shouldn’t I?

However, I’m not gonna let my stupid get in the way of the fact that they are thinking of switching eras in my lifetime.

It might be called the “Anthropocene”. And it may be a fairly short lived era if we don’t stop ruining this precious blue ball.

For over a decade, both climate activists and scientists have used one word to describe the mass-level changes humans are causing on Earth: Anthropocene. But whether or not this word actually describes a real, measurable geologic time period has been the source of major scientific debate.

Now, a new study is adding fuel to that debate, finding that human influence on the environment changed the planet so dramatically that the world recently moved into a new geological epoch. In other words, there’s scientific proof that we’re living in the Anthropocene, the study’s researchers say.

So now it has a name. We’re gonna reach the end of history sooner rather than later. And the earth will forget us, just like it has forgotten 98% of all the species that ever existed.

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