Dear God, Marsha Blackburn Is Stupid

I know you know that. Coherence has never been one of Marsha’s strong suits.

Her new thing? Protecting the grandmothers of America:

Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) on Tuesday accused Democrats of plotting to have the federal government take over child care and hurt grandmothers through provisions included in the Build Back Better Act, which was passed by the House on Nov. 19 and is currently under consideration in the Senate.

During an appearance on Fox News’ “The Faulkner Focus,” Blackburn told host Harris Faulkner, “They’re going to try to sweep up and federalize child care, increase the cost, and then prohibit a lot of grandmamas that are providing ‘mother’s day out’ services at the local church in your community from being able to go to work.

Hogwash. There’s no “federalization of childcare” in the bill other than that the federal government pays for it. Marsha probably thinks there’s some sort of brainwashing curriculum in the bill. States will be using Head Start curricula, hardly a controversial pedagogy. Or Marsha is lying, which she has been known to do. If you are poor or otherwise busied by the difficulties of self-improvement in this country and need subsidized or free childcare, get a certificate from the government and you can have it. There’s no logic to the statement that “costs will increase” for a program that is paid for by appropriations, either. Tax the ultra rich if you are worried about it. That statement about the “grandmamas” is a corker, though. Is she really saying it would put grandma out of work or stop her from volunteering? Churches can get these funds, so whatever. But she’s not done with the grandmamas thing yet:

Faulkner asked, “Why do that? Why?” Blackburn responded, “Because they want control. They don’t want grandmamas helping educate young mamas on how to rear babies. They want the federal government to certify people, get them to join a union, have them not show up for work.”

Control? To what end? What the fuck does that mean? Just because your kid goes to daycare does not mean that Grandma cannot impart advice on how to raise a child. Besides, Grandma is old. She loves your kid but she doesn’t really want to raise it half the day.

“They want the federal government to certify people”. I’m sorry, I’m just going to let this clause stand by itself as evidence that Marsha Blackburn is insane.

And why drag the unions into this? What’s so bad about mom joining a union that could get her better pay and working conditions? Obviously Marsha is employing a buzzword, which will only be heard by assholes.

And I have no idea why having your child in daycare will make you not want to go to work. I can’t see any relation to those two activities. Logic would dictate that it would be far easier to go to work if someone was watching your child.

I know I shouldn’t be enticed to decode Marsha Blackburn’s word salad, but sometimes low hanging fruit doesn’t taste all that bad.


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