You can now count Jim Jordan among one of the several people who sent ideas to Mark Meadows that would ratfuck the counting of the votes on January 6th.

He sent it to Meadows on the 5th. That’s an awfully short window within which to plan a coup. It’s starting to look like the Pence plan was a last minute Hail Mary play. Then again, maybe this is Jim Jordan just being helpful. I just feel like they should have had a plan solidified around these legal theories well before the count. Like every Trump endeavor, it was a complete clusterfuck. I guess they didn’t have any inkling they’d find themselves in those dire straits before that. They put all their energy into frivolous lawsuits, hoping that eventually the Trump appointed SCOTUS would save their bacon and buy one of their idiotic arguments.

It’s instructive, at the very least, to take a look at Jim’s text, which, for Jim Jordan, seems rather erudite. Not only did he call for Pence to declare the contested state electors unconstitutional, he fucking quoted Alexander Hamilton and referenced Hubbard v. Lowe, which states that a federal statute that is unconstitutional is no law at all. What law did Jim have in mind? Possibly The Electoral Count Act, which did away with the ploy of trying to send competing slates of electors and as we all know now limits the Vice President’s ability to declare votes invalid.

So where is superlawyer Jim Jordan getting his “deep” legal ideas from? Glad you asked. Some Federalist Society/Blackwater creep named Joseph Schmitz sent it to him, along with a presentation. Schmitz is a former IG of the DOD who was an early foreign policy advisor for Trump. He was a busy columnist at Newsmax during the insanity surrounding Election Day. He alleged that the Pennsylvania count was unconstitutional because votes were still being counted after November 3. He also believed that the media was misrepresenting the count by not calling states he believed were breaking for Trump. He was all in on getting a case before the SCOTUS, bitching about mail-in ballots. He’s also a member of the Center For Security Policy, which has an interesting history as an anti-Muslim conspiracy factory started by Frank Gaffney, who really was into some “Barack Obama is a secret Muslim” garbage. They tried to scotch the Iran deal. They helped craft the “Muslim ban”. Kellyanne Conway is associated with the CSP as well. It’s funded by America’s war machine. This guy is a conspiracy loon through and through, but a dangerous one with resources.

So, Jim Jordan knows some gross people. But I guess that’s no surprise; he’s a Republican, and far too many of them are into this stuff as well.


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