Louie Louie

Multiple plans to use Mike Pence to stop the count were circulated around to Trumpers on January 5. To my mind, it suggested that no one agreed on a course of action, that the effort would be chaotic and would ultimately result in failure. That’s generally true, because Congress handled the objections after adjourning briefly for each objection. The law was followed. They would have finished on the 6th, but you know what happened.

However, an earlier pressure campaign to get Pence to overstep his authority has surfaced. Legendary dipshit Louie Gohmert sued Pence on December 27th, arguing the 12th Amendment gave him the authority to control the count. The Justice Department thought it was crap, and defended Pence from the suit.

Once again, the goofiest of the goofy went to do Trump’s dirty work. And I still think the rest of the goofs who got briefed by Phil Waldron are not who you would call the leading lights of Congress. We’ll find out soon enough. This will all go down someday as The Dingaling Putsch. Time will tell if I am wrong. The one thing that needs to be really nailed down is what or who started that riot. We need to know if that was Trump and Co.’s last ditch effort to subvert democracy. Legal fuckery is one thing-a mob of crazies, some with lethal intent, is another.


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