Sedition By Any Other Name

Today on Twitter, Marjorie Taylor Greene introduced some of us to the concept of “National Divorce”. She’s open to the idea of the dissolution of the Union. It’s an extremely radical right-wing idea with lethal implications.

What does a supporter of National Divorce believe about the left in general? Phantoms. Dreams of a violent left obsessed with power and control. Here’s one of its adherents:

Why a civil divorce won’t happen — if a divorce comes at all — is that it fails to account for the opposition; that is, the hard left — Mark Levin’s aptly described “American Marxists” — who’d regard a friendly national divorce (or any divorce) as contrary to who and why they are. 

First of all, there’s no such beast as a “civil divorce” in this scenario. We already did this in 1861. Secession was bad for the Union and it’s bad now. This isn’t Brexit. And these people are kidding themselves that they’d do it amicably. Let’s not forget, it’s not the left in this country who are buying arms by the cartful.

So basically anyone for the preservation of the Union is part of the hard left, eh? News to me. Who are we, in their paranoid minds?

There’s ample history, dating back to the Russian Revolution, that Marxist-Leninists (or variations, like Maoists and fascists) are never about subtraction.  They’re about addition.  They’re about power acquisition — often through violence.  They crave domination.  They seek to impose their wills on the unwilling.  Need we look any further than Xi Jinping’s China today? 

I keep hearing this idea that we need “power”, “domination”, “control”. Here’s their pop psychology attempt to explain it:

American Marxists hunger for control.  They desire to expand their franchises.  That isn’t just a matter of doctrine, it’s a matter of personality type.  In fact, it can be argued that “controllers” create authoritarian and totalitarian models as a means of fulfilling their deepest needs.

The left consists of controllers and followers.  Leftist followers are people who gratefully cede control over their lives.  They trade freedom for perceived security — and not just materially.  They want liberation from the day-to-day struggle of thinking critically, making decisions, and taking responsibility for their lives. 

That’s a lot of bullshit world salad, full of groundless assertions and several strawmen.

As a liberal myself, I hate power, control, and domination. Most of us on the left do too. It’s like you’ve never really met any of us. And China is a piss poor example of the hard left. It’s only Communist in name, you dink. It’s a fascistic authoritarian slave state who exploits workers rather than lift them up. I’d much rather have nothing to do with them, but American capitalists are in love with the cheap labor market there.

Here’s some more paranoid balderdash about “wokeism” and “cancel culture”:

The left, universally, insists on aligning society with their worldview and further insists that all submit, agree or not.  Conformity to their norms is compulsory.  Dissent is prohibited, and dissenters face cancellation, to use the modern parlance. 

Cancellation, in its mildest forms, entails ostracization, loss of reputation, and loss of livelihood.  “Milder” cancellation harkens back to the Nazis’ early treatment of Jews.  Eerily, it’s being replicated by the left here now – except that anyone who dares run afoul woke culture risks being targeted. 

Oh, get off the cross, we need the wood. There’s some serious misgivings on the right about the nature of free speech. They always seem to confuse their right to speak with their right to be heard. You can say whatever dumb shit you like in this country-but where you guys always fuck up is where you think no one can criticize you and ostracize you for it. Maybe you should get better thoughts.

I don’t much feel like ripping more on this poorly written tract that the author probably thinks is the equivalent of “Common Sense”. But this is what passes for thought in the “National Divorce” movement, and while it is a little concerning that we have a sitting congressperson with a fat mouth who is jake with it, I’m not gonna worry for now about separatism.


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