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Still Red-Baiting After All These Years

It’s been a couple of weeks since I got ticked at that ass sarcoma John Kennedy for trying to insinuate Saule Omarova was a Communist simply because she was born in the Soviet Union. Now at the time, I did not understand why the banking industry was nervous about her nomination as comptroller of the currency; I confess I do not understand money.

Well, it’s not too complicated, thankfully; one of her policy ideas was to allow people to open accounts at the Fed. This potentially could have caused a giant sucking sound of money leaving private banks. It would also allow the Fed to “democratize” money, taking the money out of the high stakes gamblers’ hands in the private sector and perhaps placing investments toward things that would benefit the nation, not the profiteers. The only way to say it is that she definitely was curious about partially socializing banking.

As a lefty, I have no problem with this. I think it’s super forward thinking. We wouldn’t have to bail those shitbirds out when they made a bad bet. But now you know why her nomination was derailed. Three Democrats, John Tester (D-MT), Mark Warner (D-VA), and Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) who probably are on the take from the banking industry, refused to support her nomination.

Frenzied talk of people being communists in America is absurd; the party barely functions here. But the real threat here was that the profit houses would take a hit. That’s why Omarova was painted red.

Louie Louie

Multiple plans to use Mike Pence to stop the count were circulated around to Trumpers on January 5. To my mind, it suggested that no one agreed on a course of action, that the effort would be chaotic and would ultimately result in failure. That’s generally true, because Congress handled the objections after adjourning briefly for each objection. The law was followed. They would have finished on the 6th, but you know what happened.

However, an earlier pressure campaign to get Pence to overstep his authority has surfaced. Legendary dipshit Louie Gohmert sued Pence on December 27th, arguing the 12th Amendment gave him the authority to control the count. The Justice Department thought it was crap, and defended Pence from the suit.

Once again, the goofiest of the goofy went to do Trump’s dirty work. And I still think the rest of the goofs who got briefed by Phil Waldron are not who you would call the leading lights of Congress. We’ll find out soon enough. This will all go down someday as The Dingaling Putsch. Time will tell if I am wrong. The one thing that needs to be really nailed down is what or who started that riot. We need to know if that was Trump and Co.’s last ditch effort to subvert democracy. Legal fuckery is one thing-a mob of crazies, some with lethal intent, is another.

What’s Rand Paul’s Problem With Israel?

I have plenty of problems with Israel. But I find it curious that Paul, a Republican, is holding up funding for the Iron Dome missile defense system. I mean, on the surface, Rand’s fully on board with our continued accord with them and concerned with Hamas missile attacks. Why is Iron Dome such a sticking point?

It could be just some libertarian bullshit-after all, he’s happy to stop holding up the bill if a billion comes out of Afghanistan assistance to pay for it. But when we’re talking about defense funds, a billion is like a dime. What he’s looking to do is deny the Taliban funding, apparently. Democrats and Republicans insist the money will go to humanitarian causes.

He’s all alone out here on this-it’s got enormous bipartisan support. Why Rand?

Paul has a history of holding up foreign aid. He doesn’t like the concept. (He’s not much into domestic aid either, but that’s another story). In 2018, he introduced legislation to reduce aid to Israel. His rationale was the same as it is today; he insisted that funding come from foreign aid to United States “enemies”.

Now you would think that Israel would be jake with a reduction in aid to Israel’s antagonizers. But that’s bizarrely not the case. AIPAC took him to task for trying to cut funds to Pakistan and Palestine. Perhaps Paul’s understanding of the complexities of geopolitics is less than sophisticated.

In the end, it could just come down to Paul’s libertarian streak. Benjamin Netanyahu spoke once of the need for Israel’s gradual economic independence; and those are the types of words Rand Paul likes to hear.

Dear God, Marsha Blackburn Is Stupid

I know you know that. Coherence has never been one of Marsha’s strong suits.

Her new thing? Protecting the grandmothers of America:

Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) on Tuesday accused Democrats of plotting to have the federal government take over child care and hurt grandmothers through provisions included in the Build Back Better Act, which was passed by the House on Nov. 19 and is currently under consideration in the Senate.

During an appearance on Fox News’ “The Faulkner Focus,” Blackburn told host Harris Faulkner, “They’re going to try to sweep up and federalize child care, increase the cost, and then prohibit a lot of grandmamas that are providing ‘mother’s day out’ services at the local church in your community from being able to go to work.

Hogwash. There’s no “federalization of childcare” in the bill other than that the federal government pays for it. Marsha probably thinks there’s some sort of brainwashing curriculum in the bill. States will be using Head Start curricula, hardly a controversial pedagogy. Or Marsha is lying, which she has been known to do. If you are poor or otherwise busied by the difficulties of self-improvement in this country and need subsidized or free childcare, get a certificate from the government and you can have it. There’s no logic to the statement that “costs will increase” for a program that is paid for by appropriations, either. Tax the ultra rich if you are worried about it. That statement about the “grandmamas” is a corker, though. Is she really saying it would put grandma out of work or stop her from volunteering? Churches can get these funds, so whatever. But she’s not done with the grandmamas thing yet:

Faulkner asked, “Why do that? Why?” Blackburn responded, “Because they want control. They don’t want grandmamas helping educate young mamas on how to rear babies. They want the federal government to certify people, get them to join a union, have them not show up for work.”

Control? To what end? What the fuck does that mean? Just because your kid goes to daycare does not mean that Grandma cannot impart advice on how to raise a child. Besides, Grandma is old. She loves your kid but she doesn’t really want to raise it half the day.

“They want the federal government to certify people”. I’m sorry, I’m just going to let this clause stand by itself as evidence that Marsha Blackburn is insane.

And why drag the unions into this? What’s so bad about mom joining a union that could get her better pay and working conditions? Obviously Marsha is employing a buzzword, which will only be heard by assholes.

And I have no idea why having your child in daycare will make you not want to go to work. I can’t see any relation to those two activities. Logic would dictate that it would be far easier to go to work if someone was watching your child.

I know I shouldn’t be enticed to decode Marsha Blackburn’s word salad, but sometimes low hanging fruit doesn’t taste all that bad.

The Opposite Of Us

Mike Lindell reveals he’s dropped 25 million on his efforts to invalidate the 2020 election. Says he:

“I will keep spending it because there is no tomorrow. We lose our country. We either only have two paths: either it gets changed before the 2022 election or we lose our country forever. I will spend every dime I have,” Lindell said on Wednesday. “I will spend whatever it takes.”

Relax, Mike! The Republicans have got it all in hand. All across America, Republican state legislatures are working on limiting access to the ballot box. Take my state, Georgia. There’s now less drop boxes, shortened absentee ballot request times, the opportunity for state legislators to take over election offices, and much more.

Let’s not forget gerrymandering that almost guarantees the loss of the House by Democrats!

Don’t worry. Chances are the fascist freaks you keep fluffing will get their way. Save your money, because Smartmatic and Dominion are going to take it.


You can now count Jim Jordan among one of the several people who sent ideas to Mark Meadows that would ratfuck the counting of the votes on January 6th.

He sent it to Meadows on the 5th. That’s an awfully short window within which to plan a coup. It’s starting to look like the Pence plan was a last minute Hail Mary play. Then again, maybe this is Jim Jordan just being helpful. I just feel like they should have had a plan solidified around these legal theories well before the count. Like every Trump endeavor, it was a complete clusterfuck. I guess they didn’t have any inkling they’d find themselves in those dire straits before that. They put all their energy into frivolous lawsuits, hoping that eventually the Trump appointed SCOTUS would save their bacon and buy one of their idiotic arguments.

It’s instructive, at the very least, to take a look at Jim’s text, which, for Jim Jordan, seems rather erudite. Not only did he call for Pence to declare the contested state electors unconstitutional, he fucking quoted Alexander Hamilton and referenced Hubbard v. Lowe, which states that a federal statute that is unconstitutional is no law at all. What law did Jim have in mind? Possibly The Electoral Count Act, which did away with the ploy of trying to send competing slates of electors and as we all know now limits the Vice President’s ability to declare votes invalid.

So where is superlawyer Jim Jordan getting his “deep” legal ideas from? Glad you asked. Some Federalist Society/Blackwater creep named Joseph Schmitz sent it to him, along with a presentation. Schmitz is a former IG of the DOD who was an early foreign policy advisor for Trump. He was a busy columnist at Newsmax during the insanity surrounding Election Day. He alleged that the Pennsylvania count was unconstitutional because votes were still being counted after November 3. He also believed that the media was misrepresenting the count by not calling states he believed were breaking for Trump. He was all in on getting a case before the SCOTUS, bitching about mail-in ballots. He’s also a member of the Center For Security Policy, which has an interesting history as an anti-Muslim conspiracy factory started by Frank Gaffney, who really was into some “Barack Obama is a secret Muslim” garbage. They tried to scotch the Iran deal. They helped craft the “Muslim ban”. Kellyanne Conway is associated with the CSP as well. It’s funded by America’s war machine. This guy is a conspiracy loon through and through, but a dangerous one with resources.

So, Jim Jordan knows some gross people. But I guess that’s no surprise; he’s a Republican, and far too many of them are into this stuff as well.

Remember The Business Plot

Sinclair Lewis titled one of his books “It Can’t Happen Here”, a fictional story about a fascist takeover of America. He wrote it in 1935. While writing, he may not have been just working with elements in his head. Because in 1934, America actually was threatened by a fascist takeover. It’s popularly known as the Business Plot, and I don’t think enough people know about it. It was not in my history textbook, but I feel like a fascist coup attempt should have earned a paragraph or two.

One of the most noticeable characteristics of fascism is the fusion of big business and the government. Big business financed Hitler, Mussolini, and Franco. Our plot was no different. Now we’ve all heard of the American Legion, right? Well, back then their bread and butter was strikebreaking. That is another feature of fascism, the destruction and dissolution of labor. The early Legion was heavily intertwined with fascist elements in America.

Here was the plan: send 500,000 Legionnaires to Washington and depose Franklin D. Roosevelt, claiming he had to step down because of his health.

The fascists chose Smedley Butler, a former commander of the Marines, to spearhead the operation. That turned out to be a big mistake. Not only did Butler refuse to go along with the plot, he blabbed to Congress. The McCormack-Dickstein Committee was formed to investigate.

Many businessmen with knowledge of the plot were called to testify. They did not.

No one went to prison for trying to overthrow the government. The plot was largely dismissed by the press as a hoax.

Now I am not saying that the criminals who tried to upend the election and attack the seat of democracy on January 6th will escape justice. But we are on a time clock. Democrats are in danger of losing the House in 2022, and the January 6th Committee will be scattered to the wind. If we don’t get some sort of action from the Department Of Justice, fascist forces will have again gotten away with trying to subvert democracy.

How many times will they be allowed to try before they succeed?

Something That Trump Can Read

It’s well known that Trump isn’t much of a reader. Apparently, his PDBs had to be bulleted or he wasn’t interested.

But maybe he can read a Power Point.

Now Mark Meadows turned that presentation over to the 1/6 Committee, which could be an indication that he didn’t think much of it, even though he met with its peddler many times.

Think maybe Meadows kicked it up to Trump? It would be the perfect reading material for the President. Graphs, flow charts, bullet points, all visual things that Trump could synthesize.

Judd Legum asserts that many of the “facts” in the Power Point match up with rhetoric Trump would later use. It’s very possible he saw the presentation. Whether this makes any difference at all is questionable; Trump is a moron and a liar, and you never know what is going to come out of his mouth or fingers. He believes all kinds of stupid shit. The only piece of strategy that seems to have stuck with Trump through all the myriad memos and presentations he got is that he needed Pence to overstep his ceremonial role. That’s all he really knew needed to happen and then other agents of chaos could take it from there. That’s what Jenna Ellis tried to tell him, that’s what John Eastman told him, that’s what Phil Waldron believed.


We know Fox News was ignorant of a plan to besiege the Capitol. Multiple hosts were horrified by how it all looked.

We can add Donald Trump Jr. to that list:

As the Capitol riot was unfolding, some of the biggest names in the conservative movement were working their connections in the White House to get former President Donald Trump to do something—anything—to stop it.

“He’s got to condemn this shit ASAP,” Donald Trump Jr., the president’s eldest son, texted Trump’s chief of staff Mark Meadows.  Meadows responded: “I’m pushing it hard. I agree.” 

So did Don Jr. know anything about the attack beforehand? We can’t know for sure, but it is possible he was not part of the operation. If I remember right, Don Jr. engaged in some very incendiary rhetoric at the rally, but I guess he got all chickenshit when everything went sideways.

Meadows et al. were nervous too. The question still remains: was the riot part of the plan? It’s very tempting to say yes, but there’s still room to suggest that it was a spontaneous response triggered by Trumpian incitement, or a plan hatched by right wing anti government extremists to sack the Capitol. The suits brought against the Proud Boys, Oath Keepers, and other dangerous fringe groups today are indications of who DC wants to hold responsible. Make no mistake, the Trumps got in bed with some bedrock crazies, and these groups could be on a list of them. There may be other overlap I am not aware of that puts the rioters and riot planners in the same room with the Trumps. I know that’s what I’m waiting for.

Sinema and Manchin Need To Go

You may or may not have noticed that there’s a fight brewing between fascism and democracy. And with the way things are shaping up, fascism is going to win.

Which one we end up with depends on two Democrats: Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin. If they refuse to carve out a filibuster exception for voting rights, democracy is done.

I imagine they are not stupid people. They know this is the scenario. If we don’t pass the Freedom To Vote Act, Republicans across the nation are going to get away with widespread voter suppression that will jeopardize free and fair elections. Hell, they’ve got half their people believing that all elections are fraudulent. It’s all part of a plan to de-legitimize democracy on a massive scale.

It must be asked: are these two senators quislings masquerading as Democrats? Again, they cannot be so stupid as to think that bipartisanship is the answer to all of democracy’s problems. The majority should be able to function. But when you have a minority party with a tool like the filibuster at hand, there’s no need to do bipartisanship. There’s no need to even take control of a chamber.

I don’t know what Sinema’s deal is. I don’t know who’s bought her off. Manchin is easier to explain; he gets lots and lots of coal money and isn’t going to do anything that impedes their profits. But the fact simply is that they are about to kneecap their political party if they don’t do something about election reform. Are they simply more worried about provincial politics than national ones? That would be myopia of the highest order. It’s either that or they are simply working for the other side. If so, they must be purged. No one wants to lose a solid Democratic seat in West Virginia but Manchin is harmful to the party’s agenda. He may as well be a Republican for all the good he is doing. And I’m sure we can get a true blue senator with integrity to replace Sinema.

We’re running out of time. American fascism is coming back.

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