Satan Invented The Jack Russell Terrier

All Jack Russell owners have to understand at some level that this is not a dog. It is a tiny, four legged demon with no bladder that knows no master.

I have been close to getting religion as many of you know. This may be how I understand that the Jack Russell is a tiny tool of the fallen angel. I am not sure. It pisses. Great Scott, does it piss everywhere, outside and inside. It chews. Oh, does it chew. Bastard chewed my new reading glasses and now I would like to punt him airborne every fucking time I see his little stupid puppy face. He can’t get along with my big dog. His hair falls off of him faster than a cancer patient. I don’t want him here anymore, that’s how pissed off I am with this dog.

Oh, but he’s such a sweetums! Who’s a sweetums?

Fuck him. It’s raining, and I have to take this little fuck outside now.

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