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I understand the disdain for Third Way politics. But if we want someone to come down on the side most of our pet issues, our choice is Hillary Clinton. The alternative is unacceptable, if you look at the bozos the right is trying to field. It’s the difference between cold shit and warm shit, as Charles Bukowski once said.

But Firedoglake has let me down. Quick, who wrote this about the State email kerfuffle? Right or left?

Why did you alone in the State Department not use official email and only use private email run off a private server?

– Why didn’t you turn over your full set of emails to State for review?

– Why did you wait until your private server was disclosed publicly to turn over even the subset of emails you did? Why didn’t you turn them over during your tenure as Secretary?

– As president of the United States, will you encourage or condone your Cabinet level officials employing personal email servers in lieu of U.S. government systems?

– Is the way you handled your email at State and now in the aftermath indicative of your approach to public service?

Was it Trey Gowdy or Firedoglake? There is no substitute for Hillary Clinton. Liz Warren ain’t gonna run one way or the other, so let’s stop going up our own ass and leave the frothing to the real conspiracy idiots.

UPDATE: Steve M. finds another shining example of someone who is Not Helping. Biden? Really? Here we go again, bucking common sense just to be contrarian.

UPDATE 6/18/23: Reposting this because it’s prima facie evidence that people fall for conspiracies, even the best of us fuck up. Right Jane? Right Taylor?

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