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Is conservatism like a mental autoimmune disorder? Because I can’t figure out for the life of me how on earth Glenn Beck came around to the idea that Grover Norquist is an enemy. You would think that the guy responsible for hobbling government through tax cuts would get the glad hand from a Jacobin like Beck. But as always, we are on the far side of Htrae when it comes to the fever swamp of the ultra-paranoid right wing. It goes something like this. Fact: Glenn is thinking of breaking with the NRA if they don’t disown Grover Norquist. Why? Because according to some screwy louie named Frank Gaffney, Norquist “enables and empowers” the fucking Muslim Brotherhood. Huh? For serious? You’re not going to believe this, but it is because Gaffney thinks that CPAC does business with The American Conservative Union, who is friendly to advocacy group Muslims For America. By extension, CPAC promotes Shari’a. And Norquist is involved with CPAC. So he supports it too. But Muslims For America left the Republican party in 2010, “citing the party’s bigotry against Muslims, undocumented immigrants, and gays”. So Muslims For America and the ACU are on the outs. Is CPAC still promoting Islam then? Gaffney still thinks so. And the stink hasn’t washed off Norquist yet, I guess. Now, Norquist sits on the board of directors at the NRA…if he is still involved with CPAC, then Glenn Beck, by way of Gaffney, believes he is a Muslim sympathizer who has no place in their ranks, even though the original offending group has not been part of CPAC in years.

Whew. Sometimes, I’d like to just play ignorant and assume that a lunatic gathering like CPAC is just that. They’re low hanging fruit, it’s the easiest thing to pick on that sad, sad twit-fest. But the rabbit-hole here has no end. There are moles within, traitors to be purged. The movement must be purified. I’d like to view Glenn Beck as just another misinformed fool with a radio show. But there’s so much thinking behind this stuff. It’s like the Octopus, and maybe Glenn Beck  thinks he is Danny Casolaro. I should expect this…I still remember his chalk board. I should know by now that the right wing has its factions in open rebellion just like my left wing does and occasionally we don’t help ourselves much by taking each other out with friendly fire. I wonder if Beck will be able to support a Republican candidate who showed up at CPAC this year. I wonder what party will finally satisfy him in his quixotic quest for clarity.

I wonder. I feel bad… a little man named Glenn against it all, out there on his own rock, full of worry and pain, looking for a superman.


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