Suffer, Little Children

I have decided to downgrade Ted Cruz from “dangerous” status to “plain old screw-up”. It’s becoming quite clear that Ted makes a fool of himself wherever he goes. He’s not smart and he’s not compelling. From failed filibusters to embarrassing holds on legislation, he always leaves a trail of dumbfuckery in his wake. His last folly was yelling at a little girl that “her world is on fire”. But some folks are buyin’ what he’s sellin’. The mother of the child went on Fox to explain that Cruz did not scare her, nay, far from it:

“She looked at him as a firefighter or a hero to a 3-year-old girl,” Trant explained. “She looked at him as he was a hero, that he was going to put the world that was burning out, he was going to be the firefighter.”

“She looked at him like he was going to save her.”

Jesus Christ on a stuffed crust pizza. She’s practically worshipping a third-rate demagogue. The fix is in, and it’s in deep for some dupes. I don’t ever want to hear anyone drone on about The One- there’s simply no analogue on the left wing that comes as close to this level of brainwash. And to top off this shit sundae of a spectacle, there’s this:

Fox News Steve Doocy suggested to Michelle Trant, the 3-year-old girl’s mother, that “mainstream media outlets” were trying to make conservatives “look like crazy people.”

Is there nothing that conservatives cannot blame on “liberals”? Can’t they take responsibility for anything?

Oh, and that kid is fucked.

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