You Cruz, You Lose

So I’m listening to enormous bag of invective and wind Rush Limbaugh today. He said that liberals and the “mainstream” media are afraid of Ted Cruz because he can speak extemporaneously. He then chides Obama for never going anywhere without his ‘prompter. As with everything Limbaugh asserts, it is simply not true. I wonder if Cruz and his campaign are nervous about Rush’s carrying water for him.

Y’all have to face the facts. Rush is a boob, and boobs deserve other boobs, hence the full-throated verbal hummer that Rush gave Cruz today. Cruz is less popular than Mike Huckabee at the moment, so he may need all the friends he can get. When Cruz finally does talk himself out of the job, odds are that Limbaugh will follow the next wingnut of the week, not possessing the gift of reflection.

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