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Iran Considers Leaving The 8th Century

I am overjoyed that we are finally going to bring Iran back into the international community. Sanctions only hurt regular people anyway. I think Iran deserves respect as a sovereign nation and it looks like we’re going to give just that.

It sounds like I’m a cheerleader for Iran. Nope. It’s backwards as fuck right now and ruled by a terrible hard-line theocracy. The revolution is bullshit; it’s ruined a once great society. But I have some good news:

Iranian authorities have partially lifted a ban on women attending men’s sports matches, a senior sports official said Saturday.

Women have been banned from attending men’s sports matches since the 1979 revolution that brought hard-line Islamic clerics to power. The idea was to prevent crowds of unrelated men and women from mixing publicly.

Baby steps. Baby steps, people. If we can nudge Iran to make peace with the world, maybe we can rub off on them some more!

It’s What They Do

Happy Easter! Or as it is known in my house, “Sunday”. Rock with me for a minute.

In unrelated news,look, here’s what you get when you elect Republicans:

A proposal to make the Bible the official state book of Tennessee is advancing in the state House despite constitutional questions raised by the state attorney general’s office.

See? This is the stuff that makes me crazy. They don’t do anything constructive. They can’t govern worth shit. Useless fucks.



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