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Adding To The Lexicon

I found a good name for hair-on-fire liberals who won’t support Democrats.

Manic-progressives. Here’s what you sound like:

Blow Wind Blow

Maybe I should start another blog dedicated to all the fucked up, batshit insane stuff Mike Huckabee says on the regular. Each utterance eclipses the last in its stupidity and delusion. He speaks for the lowest common denominator in this country. That’s Mike’s strategy to take the White House. Either that or he’s just another grifter trying to pocket some money from the crazies who dig what he believes. It’s most likely the latter; after all, the race could be one big book tour for Huck.

So what’s he up to today? Ah. Proclaiming Judge Dredd-style death sentences on burglars:

Over the weekend, Mike Huckabee was in New Hampshire to speak at the Republican Leadership Summit and while he was there, he sat down for an interview with conservative activist Kimberly Morin of the Manchester Political Buzz Examiner.

Huckabee went on to say that the only way to protect that freedom that he loves so much is “if we are able to outgun whoever wants to take that away from me,” warning that if somebody breaks into his house, “there will be a gunfight involved in that and I plan to win.”

“Yes, I will still call 911,” he added, “but it’s not going to be to call to helplessly wait as a victim while somebody ravages my family or my home. I call 911 to tell them where to come pick up the body of the son of a gun who broke into my house in the middle of the night”:

Amusing, since this kind of vigilante justice is illegal in his home state. Advocating for gun violence is pathetic, irresponsible and morally indefensible. Yet there are probably tens of thousands of people who subscribe to this kind of extreme philosophy. We’ve already seen too many instances where standing your ground looks a whole lot like summary execution.

Fuck Mike Huckabee. He should be elected mayor of an asylum rather than president.

Rick Rolled

Unelectable anal sex byproduct Rick Santorum whines about Christian victimhood to Tony Perkins. Breakdown:

For the first time in the history of our country, the government is attacking people, prosecuting people, calling for people to be rehabilitated, constraining in the military with our chaplaincy. We now see chaplain after chaplain being dismissed for not accepting the secular orthodoxy that this administration wants to put forward, criticizing people for holding biblical truth and counseling them in a biblically coherent way.

Chaplain after chaplain. Sorry, Rick, you’re already lying. There was, count them, one chaplain dismissed by the Navy, and it wasn’t because he was a Christian. It was because he was an asshole, filling soldiers full of guilt when he should have been exercising compassion. As I said, if your “truth” makes people uncomfortable, you should turn in your bars because you will be a terrible chaplain.

We see businesses being prosecuted.

Lying again. See here. And here. No one has been “prosecuted” for being a religious douche. In fact, it looks to me from here that it is actually being encouraged by law.

And I read an interesting article the other day; it’s actually not the free exercise of religion that is being attacked, it’s actually a new religion that is being established. So we have the state establishing a new religion, a secular state religion, a secular orthodoxy that everybody is going to have to comply with.

We have now the secular church that is being imposed on this country and anybody that defects is subject to persecution and prosecution.

This again? Ten yard penalty for calumny against the dictionary.

So get off the cross, Rick. You don’t know what real persecution looks like and your white, male Christian ass never will. Hit me up when they bring back the coliseums and maybe I will stand up for you.


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