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Dry Powder

For a few days now, I’ve been trying to find information on the new US blockade of Yemen. Every goddamn paper and wire service repeats the same thing; that Iran is trying to send weapons to the Houthi rebels, and that Iranian vessels have moved into the Gulf of Aden. How do they know this? Officials who declined to be identified said so. Antiwar.com’s Jason Ditz doesn’t take the bait, and says that the US is chasing ghosts:

Last week, the Pentagon joined in the naval blockade of Yemen slightly, with a US ship boarding a Panamanian cargo ship they accused of having Iranian weapons on board. They didn’t find any.

Now, the US is doubling down, adding the USS Theodore Roosevelt, an aircraft carrier, along with several support ships, nominally to stop the weapons shipments that neither they, nor any of their allies, have been able to prove are happening.

So what we probably have here is that the dirt on Iran was leaked on purpose, and the media rushed the new agitprop to the public. But some of us demand better than “officials” spreading disinformation. Is there any limit to what we can accuse Iran of doing? It is bordering on the absurd.

QUICK UPDATE: The Iranian military is in the gulf, but:

“Iranian military vessels have been present in the Red Sea, Gulf of Aden and Gulf of Oman for a number of years.

Hassan Hanizadeh, Editor-in-chief of Iranian news agency Mehr News, has explained that the Iranian navy’s only purpose in the area is to protect its trade fleet.

So the ghost vessels are still out there, and the ones that are there have been there for a while.

Like A Monkey Trying To Fuck A Football

Shorter Erick Erickson: I don’t understand the new subtraction my kids are learning. Therefore, it must be some sort of indoctrination. You liberals and your “instructions”.

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