Daily Archives: April 24, 2015

Friday Night Massacre

Look! I found some journalism! Ashleigh Banfield of CNN obliterates Congrescritter Marsha Blackburn in a five minute fireblast. She’s on record criticizing the President for not using enough force against ISIS. Banfield wanted specifics as to what he should do. A vacant Blackburn repeatedly blithered out a bunch of crap about “generals on the ground”, “coalitions”, and even managed to trot out the names of the military units stationed in her district. Clap, clap. Banfield shot down every talking point she had.

It was kind of like watching a cat play with a half-dead bird. Sorry about the ad at the beginning, but this is good TV:

Thanks, Liberals Unite. Up you go on the ‘roll.

Rad Rage

I’ve been a bit slack lately. I have a decent excuse; I recently acquired Fallout 3(yeah, I know I’m late) and holy shit, is it addictive! My fingers are glued to the AWSD keys even when I am not playing. But fear not, I will find something to irritate me soon that I’m sure you must see. Go visit links on the right for good reads!

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