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Crash And Burn

We’ve all had a good time watching the disastrous rollouts of the Cruz and Paul candidacies lately. But there are plenty who have not officially thrown down yet who need some attention. And boy, are they trying to get it.


Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal warned fellow Republicans they “must stop being the stupid party” during a fiery and sharp critique Thursday night at the Republican National Committee’s Winter Meeting.

For Jindal, a popular rising star in the party who is thought to be an early contender for the 2016 presidential nomination, that recalibration involves Republicans learning to “stop insulting the intelligence of voters.”

I like that. Some self-awareness from the right for a change. Wait, nope:


“Let’s not mince words about it, it was bullying,” Jindal said Friday during a speech at a National Rifle Association’s 2015 Convention.

“This was an attack on our Constitution,” Jindal said. “It was an attack on the fundamental right to speech and association and the free exercise of religion. It was large corporations, it was Hollywood, it was the media elite saying we don’t care about the first amendment.”

Eeeek! The liberals! The media! The atheists! The homos! Get your guns!

For Republicans, the only way to be smart is to be fucking stupid.

More In Not Helping

Today’s myopic, masturbative entry in Not Helping comes from a Bill Curry in Salon, an otherwise respectable source of liberal analysis. A former Bill Clinton staffer and apparently a fan of populist self-cutting, Curry says that Hillary is running a bad campaign. Did I miss something, or is there one yet? At the beginning of the article, Curry says that Rand Paul is winning the race so far. OK, I’ll bite. Is that true? Even he can’t keep a straight face throughout the piece. The heading:

Rand Paul has edged in front of her.

The giveaway:

In two states, she now trails Rand Paul.

Curry is lying before he even puts fingers to computer. Which states are those? He won’t say, much less link to the polls that show this. Two the fuck states. Iowa? New Hampshire? Because those states are not useful at all in predicting who will take the prize. Poor bellewethers, to say the least. You let me know when a nobody like Rand Paul is “edging out” Clinton in a battleground state and then maybe you have my ear. Until then, Bill, shut the goddamn fuck up. You win this week’s prize in Not Helping.



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