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God Forbid

Why is atheism still controversial?

According to Nj.com, this week U.S. District Court Freda Wolfson judge struck down an attempt by the state of New Jersey to dismiss a lawsuit filed by Shannon Morgan, a resident of Leesburg. Morgan, who identifies as atheist, claims she visited the state Motor Vehicle Commission’s (MVC) website in November 2013 and entered “8THEIST” as her preferred title for a vanity plate. Her submission was rebuffed, however, with the website telling her that the “requested plate is considered objectionable.”

Is there something inherently offensive in not believing in God? Stop taking your religion to work.

When Morgan tried “BAPTIST” as another option, she was reportedly allowed to proceed through the registration process.


Officials, in turn, insisted her case was invalid because the rejection was the result of a “computer error,” not intentional discrimination, noting they eventually allowed her to have the license plate anyway.


Morgan’s case comes on the heels of a similar incident that occurred in 2013, when American Atheists president and New Jersey resident David Silverman was rejected by the same commission when he attempted to procure a license plate reading “ATHE1ST.” Silverman’s request was also refused because his submission was deemed “objectionable,” although officials reversed their decision once news of the event became public. Commission staff blamed the dismissal on a “clerical error,” but Silverman said an MVC employee told him it was because his plate could be considered “offensive”.

Motherfucker. Funny how there’s a lot of mistakes when atheists come to the DMV/MVC. I’m glad to report that Ms. Morgan is free and clear to sue the state. That ought to slow these fucking Christians down when they can’t do their fucking job because of their beliefs.

Nowhere To Run

Let me begin by saying I am a socialist. That’s right. I hate war, I think the working class is getting a raw deal, and I believe that good governance will improve the lives of many people. I believe in the dignity of all humans no matter how they identify.

You would think that I am overjoyed to see Bernie Sanders challenge Hillary Clinton in 2016. After all, he has stated that he is a democratic socialist.

Nope. I can’t care. Sanders does not have what it takes to win a presidential contest.

If there’s one good thing about Bernie, it’s that Clinton will have to cover her left flank to crowd Sanders out. The Republicans are hopelessly floundering, so now is the time for her to listen to the Democratic base who are wary of a Clinton presidency.

I tell you now, manic-progressives: You might as well just give up and vote for your next best choice. I don’t have to tell you who that is.

If you are stridently unconvinced, I want you to read this. Sanders is not much better than Clinton in a lot of ways. I’ll snip a few pieces from it, but you should read the whole thing as it encompasses his life story.

When Bernie Sanders, the nominally independent “socialist” senator from Vermont, announced last month that he would seek the Democratic Party nomination, the World Socialist Web Site commented that this marked “a new stage in one of the longest-running political frauds in American history.”

In 1990 Sanders ran for the House of Representatives, defeating an incumbent Republican and a Democrat in a three-way race. During congressional deliberations over authorizing the first Gulf War, Sanders declared his support for sanctions, diplomatic pressure and even the use of US forces to “pressure” Iraq into submission, while stopping, along with most congressional Democrats, just short of voting for the actual war. This caveat was dropped in 1993, when Sanders voted for US intervention in Somalia. Sanders then voted for the NATO air war against Serbia in 1999.

Sanders voted in 2001 for the Authorization for the Use of Military Force, the congressional resolution that was the basis of George Bush’s invasion and occupation of Afghanistan and the launching of the “war on terror,” and which is still cited by Barack Obama as the legal justification for drone-missile assassinations in Pakistan, Yemen and other countries. He regularly voted for military appropriations bills, required to fund the ongoing war in Iraq Sanders claimed to oppose.

Sanders’ stance on immigration is entirely in line with right-wing efforts to scapegoat millions of impoverished and exploited Hispanic workers for the falling living standards of American working class. He has repeatedly introduced bills in Congress calling for the suspension of the federal visa program under the guise of protecting American jobs. For his efforts, he has earned the admiration of noted anti-immigrant racist and talk show host Lou Dobbs, who called him “one of the few straight talkers in Congress.”

This is not the CV of a socialist, let alone a progressive. Now, don’t interpret this as a smear, because Bernie is still among the best lawmakers in Congress. It’s just important to remember that there is no ideal candidate.

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