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Science Is Badass

Scientists may have found a missing link between prokaryotes and eukaryotes. This little bugger, named Loki, carries the genes of both types of cells. It is a huge breakthrough for those who study evolutionary theory. This discovery shows that symbiogenesis is possible and observable! Go read the article; it’s good news, and we need all we can get in these dark and twisted times.

UPDATE: Scientists have also discovered new base pairs of DNA. These new bases may help genes to express by regulating coding sequences.



The Senate passed their Iran nuclear bill. It sailed through, 98-1. Only Tom Cotton decided to be a cunt and stomp his feet because he didn’t get his amendments. Cotton has a right to be pissed off, in a way. Congress only has 30 days to approve or disapprove of the lifting of sanctions as part of a deal with the Iranians. But the bill is really as useful as a football bat. The deadline for a finalized deal is June 30, so they can review the deal all they want without jeopardizing the fragile framework already agreed to. Republicans can disapprove, but they will have to face a filibuster and a veto to get their way. The bill is sterile. Democrats and the president know this. I think deep down the Pubs know this too. At this point, it’s just grandstanding. It’s all a show and a sham, to make it look like they can contain the executive branch.

Our government is pathetic. My kids would behave better than this.

Breakfast In America

Ben Carson is going to be a fount of entertainment this election season. He told a bunch of Christians that God helped him pass chemistry by coming to him in a fucking dream.

This is a presidential candidate for the United States of America.

I want you to think on that for a minute.

Are people that clueless that they should follow this crazy person? I know the answer to that, rest assured. Hemant Mehta has a snappy remark about this:

Amazing isn’t it? God will give Carson all the answers to a final in a dream… and yet Carson has no idea that he’s going to lose the Republican nomination by a landslide.

Republicans like to accuse Democrats of playing identity politics. What do they call Ben Carson’s candidacy? Could they not find a saner black person?

Enter The Know-Nothings

We have another Republican candidate for president who doesn’t understand the Constitution but has no problem using it erroneously:

“As president, I would take seriously the Tenth Amendment,” former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee (R) told a friendly crowd during the speech kicking off his presidential campaign on Tuesday. As Huckabee understands the founding document, it “was explicitly clear about keeping the federal government small, so it would be able to focus on some simple things like providing a military and securing our borders.” Meanwhile, Huckabee called out one particular federal government function that he believes to be unconstitutional — “there is no constitutional authority to dictate education from the federal government. Why even have a federal Department of Education? It’s flunked and it need to be expelled.”

Mike, let me introduce you to the general welfare clause. The Congress most certainly has the power to shape and improve America. The Tenth can’t abridge that power. Stop editing the fucking document, sit down, shut up- you are hopeless. Why is it that the people who love the Constitution so much don’t know what’s in it?

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