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My Stupid Meter Just Broke

OK. Let’s get the easy stuff taken care of. I’ve already told you that Marsha Blackburn usually doesn’t know what the fuck she is talking about. So it is no surprise she couldn’t extemporize when asked to explain herself to a reporter re: “christian persecution”.

Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) told reporters that Christians face persecution in the United States. But when a journalist pressed Blackburn for examples of Christian persecution on American soil, Blackburn could cite nary an example, the Huffington Post reports.

“Can you be specific about the instances in which you feel that Christians are being persecuted?” a reporter inquires of Blackburn.

“You know, there have been several lately. There’ve. Um. I can’t give you a specific (pause) right off the cuff,” Blackburn shrugs. “I’m sorry.”

You would think that since the issue is so dear to her, she’d remember what it was she is referring to. But never bet on Marsha Blackburn to do any thinking.

Now it’s bad enough that she is consistently a witless moron on the issues whom somebody, somewhere elected to high office. But the coup de grace in the article is this:

Blackburn has been a particularly effective advocate against efforts by “the Obama administration… to regulate our ceiling fans after attacking light bulbs and wood stoves.” The conservative news site quotes Blackburn as saying: “Just like stretching their tentacles into light bulbs and so many other areas of our home, what they are doing is pricing people out of the ceiling fan market.”

And that was when my mind snapped.

Tennessee, until you fire this total mess of a representative, you are hereby relegated to the quarantine list.

…You’ve Lost The War

Republicans have to try very hard to get wingnut radio to turn against them. But that’s exactly what J.E.B. has managed to do:

There will undoubtedly be plenty of dumb things said between now and 2016 by many of these current and potential GOP presidential nominees, but Bush saying he would still invade Iraq – even after knowing what we know now – is probably going to be the stupidest thing we’ll hear anyone say.

“You can’t still think going into Iraq now, as a sane human being, was the right thing to do,” Ingraham said. “That’s like you have no ability to learn from past mistakes at all… when the past mistakes were made by your brother.”

She then went on to slam Jeb for bringing in many of the same people who George W. Bush had advising him, suggesting that he clearly didn’t know how to be “his own man.” And when Jeb suggested that Hillary Clinton would agree with him on Iraq, Ingraham hammered that idiocy as well. “No Hillary wouldn’t!” she said. “Hillary wouldn’t authorize the war now, if she knew what she knows now.”

“You have to have someone who says, look, I’m a Republican but I’m not an idiot! I’m not stupid!” Ingraham said. “I learn from the past and I improve myself.”

Damn. If I didn’t know the truth, I’d think Amy Goodman said that.
 I still believe that Bush will eventually triumph due to money and no viable competition. But Iraq is an embarrassment and he should not place loyalty to his brother over common sense.
I’m going to put Forward Progressives on the list for bringing this circular firing squad to my attention.


Bizarro History

Louisiana voters have elected a man from htraE. On his planet, it was scientists who tortured and murdered people who thought the world was round:

A Louisiana state senator recently offered a puzzling rationale for why schools in the state should be allowed to teach creationism.

“There was a time, sir, when scientists thought that the world was flat. And if you get to the end of it, you’d fall off,” Guillory said. “There was another time when scientists thought that the sun revolved around the world. And they always thought to ensure that anyone who disagreed with their science was a heretic. People were burned for not believing that the world was flat. People were really badly treated.”

What? How do you do that with a straight face? What level of delusion do you have to attain to believe in that history? We all know who killed, maimed and repressed people, and they didn’t do it in the name of science. There has never existed a “scientific tribunal”( and there never will be one) to judge those who disavow the observations of the day.

Sorry, Louisiana, but you have given us Bobby Jindal and now this jester. You have made the quarantine list.

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