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OK. Let’s get the easy stuff taken care of. I’ve already told you that Marsha Blackburn usually doesn’t know what the fuck she is talking about. So it is no surprise she couldn’t extemporize when asked to explain herself to a reporter re: “christian persecution”.

Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) told reporters that Christians face persecution in the United States. But when a journalist pressed Blackburn for examples of Christian persecution on American soil, Blackburn could cite nary an example, the Huffington Post reports.

“Can you be specific about the instances in which you feel that Christians are being persecuted?” a reporter inquires of Blackburn.

“You know, there have been several lately. There’ve. Um. I can’t give you a specific (pause) right off the cuff,” Blackburn shrugs. “I’m sorry.”

You would think that since the issue is so dear to her, she’d remember what it was she is referring to. But never bet on Marsha Blackburn to do any thinking.

Now it’s bad enough that she is consistently a witless moron on the issues whom somebody, somewhere elected to high office. But the coup de grace in the article is this:

Blackburn has been a particularly effective advocate against efforts by “the Obama administration… to regulate our ceiling fans after attacking light bulbs and wood stoves.” The conservative news site quotes Blackburn as saying: “Just like stretching their tentacles into light bulbs and so many other areas of our home, what they are doing is pricing people out of the ceiling fan market.”

And that was when my mind snapped.

Tennessee, until you fire this total mess of a representative, you are hereby relegated to the quarantine list.

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