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The Second Dumbest Thing

Did Ken Ham leave a bad taste of stupid in your mouth? Only in relation to him could Louie Gohmert be a palate cleanser:

Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) over the weekend lashed out at Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton for calling to end mass incarceration in the United States.

“If you look at [Bill Clinton’s] policies, tough on crime, he was absolutely for traditional biblical-type marriage,” Gohmert told Fox News guest host Ed Henry. “And so she supported those back then and she’s changed. One thing that is similar, after her husband would victimize women, she would victimize them. And here again now, she’s still victimizing victims of crime.”

I didn’t mean to victimize you by having you read that. I’m just a victim of the victimizer, who victimizes himself because she victimizes the victims. Add Texas to the quarantine list, which currently includes Arizona and Arkansas by my lights.

This…This Shit Right Here

Easily the dumbest thing you will read all day. I can’t excerpt it, it’s too dense with ignorance. Utterly insulting to the suffering and science in general. Subject:

Nepal Suffering After Major Earthquake

by Ken Ham

I’m sorry.

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