Man’s Blast Friend

They have books about how your cat is trying to kill you. But dogs are the ones who almost succeed:
This past weekend, a chocolate Labrador retriever named “Trigger” accidentally shot an Indiana woman in the foot during during a hunting trip, according to news reports. An Indiana woman had left her loaded shotgun on the ground with the safety off. Trigger stepped on it, inadvertently pressing the trigger. The woman took a shotgun blast to her left foot at point-blank range.

After getting patched up at area hospitals, she is expected to make a full recovery — joining a short list of Americans who apparently have been shot by their dogs, according to news reports — five others since 2011, and ten total since 2004.

An aptly named dog adds to the strangeness of this story. You fucking gun owners would slay me, if you guys weren’t already busy slaying yourselves.



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