Being Stupid Has Its Benefits

Used to be when you quit your job or got fired, you were not entitled to unemployment benefits.

Now, in four states, all you have to do is be vaccine stupid and the bennies roll in.

The Florida, Iowa, Kansas and Tennessee state legislatures all changed their unemployment insurance rules in recent weeks to allow those refusing to comply with vaccine mandates to claim benefits.

On October 30, Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds signed a bill protecting the unemployment benefits of those fired for defying the mandates.

On November 12, Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee signed into law a bill allowing those defying vaccine mandates to claim unemployment benefits.

On November 19, Florida passed a bill allowing those defying the vaccine mandate to claim benefits as part of a broader bill providing a series of exemptions to employers’ COVID-19 mandates.

On November 23, lawmakers in the GOP-controlled Kansas State Legislature passed a bill protecting unemployment benefits of vaccine-mandate defiers as part of a bill broadening religious exemptions from the mandate, the Associated Press reported.

All this just to put a thumb in the eye of the Biden administration’s attempts to get a hold of this fucker. Socialism and handouts are OK when it owns the libs, I guess.


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