How Many People Have To Say It?

Is it really hyperbole anymore to suggest that America is sliding towards fascism?

One of the things that makes it difficult is that the definition of fascism is a slippery one. It’s closeness to Nazism, much like the closeness of socialism to communism, make its tenets hard to isolate. One German scholar thinks that “Christian Nationalism” is the way forward for fascism in the United States:

Christian nationalism is a threat to democracy, according to a German expert on fascism.

And she explained that she does not think the comparisons between America today and 1930s Germany are overblown.

The signs of fascism that Brockschmidt listed include a “myth of a golden past,” describing enemies as “not real Americans,” veneration of law and order, and anti-intellectualism.

She also noted the “creation of unreality or a separate reality.”

“QAnon is the 2021 version of the blood libel,” she said.

And we’re in the muck of Christian Nationalism deep already. Someday this photo will go in history books.


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