A Severe Shortage Of Fucks I Can Give

whether or not someone decides to have children. It’s a wide open country and you can do whatever the hell you want to a degree. But don’t hold up being either having children or not up as a badge of honor. Furthermore, do not pule that you are oppressed because you choose not to have a child. No one reasonable looks at you as an anomaly; you’re just 22 and have recently discovered feminism. Great. All good. Bully for you.

The writer linked above says the reason she won’t have children is because she “doesn’t like children” and “I’m not good with them”. Whatever. Children are not an enigma. They’re not Rubik’s Cubes that need figuring out. There’s no reason to act like children are allergens by saying stupid shit like “I’ve never even held a baby (and no, I don’t want to hold yours, thanks for asking)”. This is not the language of liberation. It sounds more like an irrational fear. The author readily admits she is “spoiled, achievement-oriented, impatient”. Why should we take her seriously? Who wants to spend a minute with that person?

I was 22 once. I didn’t know shit about shit. I sure acted like I did, though. So I get it, missy. You are still a child yourself, if you only but knew. I’m not saying you will change your mind. I hope you have the courage of your convictions as you age. I do. It is certainly arguable that we have too many goddamn people taking up space. And I am certainly of the mind that some people have made a mistake in breeding. There is a lot of child worship going around and it irritates the shit out of me. So rest on your laurels as long as you can. But hold a baby. It’s only slightly icky, and not in the way you think.





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