Gay Is The New Black

This sounds familiar:

As the country marches toward nationwide marriage equality and polls show record levels of support for same-sex marriage, there’s a fierce anti-gay backlash underway that imperils some of the most basic rights of the country’s LGBT citizens: Under the guise of protecting religious liberty, conservative lawmakers across the country are proposing bills that would allow businesses and individuals not to serve gay people, provided that they discriminate based on their religious beliefs.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Your religion does not excuse you from being a fucking douchebag. You are not allowed to strip other human beings of their constitutionally guaranteed equal rights just because you believe in a sky daddy who is a total dick.

I pick on Christians because they have the gumption to whine that their civil rights are being violated even though this culture is largely Christian in word and deed. A world away, Muslims, for example, are no better on this count.

It’s high time for federal action to protect the basic rights of homosexuals. That’s what it took to give blacks the right to engage in the market without discrimination. Of course, this is a pipe dream for the time being, given that the last election swept into office regressive dickweeds who Fear The Queer. But someday, the pendulum will swing in another direction and there won’t be a damn thing bigots can do to stop it.


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