Purity Ball

Shapeshifting nonentity and “conservative” babydoll Scott Walker, is picking his battles:

Only weeks after taking this key state in the presidential race by surprise, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker defended his front-runner status in Iowa by pledging to support a federal ethanol mandate, shifting his position on renewable fuels at a Republican roundup on farm issues.

Walker, a past critic of ethanol, acknowledged in January that he would have to spell out his position on the issue as part of his likely presidential bid.

This guy is going to have to pick a side and stick to it, or he’s yesterday’s news. He’s playing it very cagey, cards close. Conservatives are having none of it. Nothing is good enough for these regressives; you must be all in or not at all to the base. Appearances notwithstanding, he’s going to have to face a wary general public who is somehow waiting for a candidate that may speak for them. I can’t believe that so many voters do not know who they are supporting yet, but that’s another post. I guess that both ends of the political spectrum are very busy shooting themselves in the foot in the run-up, if we want to be honest with ourselves.

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