The Tipping Point Looms

Oh, those religious freedom bills! They’re just there to affirm that the First Amendment protects their religious beliefs, right?

Well, wonder no more what they are there for. Some shit-eating hick has fired the first shot in the Gay Wars:

An Indiana business owner went on a local radio station and said that he had discriminated against gay or lesbian couples even before Gov. Mike Pence (R) signed a law on Thursday protecting business owners who decide to discriminate for “religious liberty” reasons. He then defended the practice and suggested he would do it again.

“Well, I feel okay with it because it’s my place of business, I pay the rent, I’ve built it with all my money and my doing. It’s my place; I can do whatever I want with it, “he said. “They can have their lifestyle and do their own thing in their own place or with people that want to be with them.”

Another sovereign citizen…turns out, friendo, that if you try to pull that shit against, say, a racial minority, you’ll be hauled into court. It doesn’t matter if it’s your stupid little place and no, you can’t do whatever you want with it. There are laws you must abide by in civilized society, of which if there were none you wouldn’t have a place to begin with.

Actually, I want to thank this clown. It only brings us closer to outlawing all forms of discrimination. These laws will not survive a constitutional challenge. Bring it, bigots.



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