Look Over There, Says The Hive Mind

Do wingnuts get together and practice talking points? Is it just a coincidence that Tom Cotton and Sean Hannity are downplaying our poor record on gay rights? Doubtful. Better to point fingers at the Eeeevil Mooselimbs than do anything to clean up our own mess. Because evidently we can’t hold Islam and ourselves accountable at the same time:

Appearing yesterday on CNN, Senator Tom Cotton (R) urged critics of Indiana’s “religious freedom” law to get “perspective,” suggesting the treatment of LGBT people in Indiana compared favorably to countries where gay people are executed.

“I think it’s important we have a sense of perspective,” Cotton said. “In Iran they hang you for the crime of being gay.”


Sean Hannity and Dinesh D’Souza piled on the Indiana backlash tonight and asked why liberals are so worked up about gay rights here but not gay subjugation under radical Islam. Hannity lamented the “selective political moral outrage” and asked, “Why are they so silent on the bigger issues of the day?”

Hannity was still fixated on why liberals aren’t outraged about gay people being stoned and killed and horribly persecuted in Muslim nations.

So what we’re saying is that we have a light touch regarding discrimination compared to someplace else, so deal, amirite? I guess in some ways I should be encouraged here-it almost sounds like they give a shit about gay rights. A happy accident.



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