Veteran’s Play

I can’t keep up with Ben Carson sometimes. He says so many idiotic and nasty things that I should rename this blog “Fuck Ben Carson, Hard”. What’s the good doctor opining on, you ask? This:

…the other thing that has to be done, is the size of the government has to be reduced significantly. There’s a lot of stuff that we’re doing that doesn’t make any sense. We have a Department of Veterans Affairs. We don’t need a Department of Veterans Affairs.

That’s it. I give up. He’s a joke candidate like Trump, trying to see how outrageous he can be without pissing off people. Imagine if a Democrat said that…we’d never hear the end of how we don’t support the troops. Is Ben Carson a military expert? Does he know the first thing about soldiering? Does he understand soldier’s needs after combat? Then why the fuck is he putting forth such stupefyingly jerked-off policies? Because he’s an idiot, and a dangerous one, just like the rest of them. Carson’s just out there being brain-dead more often. Of all the things to cut…of all the things…I’d have wound up having permanent residence in an asylum if the VA hadn’t saved me from myself when I came back damaged. Those are the stories you don’t hear enough of. Thanks to our lazy press, we only notice the VA’s work when it does not.They are a great organization and I owe my life to them, and it is full of great people.

Ben Carson is the one not making any sense. But he must have realized that what he said sounded terrible, so he gave himself an out:

Veterans Affairs should be folded in under the Department of Defense.

HAHAHAHAHAAA…you’re worried about bloat in the government and you want to turn veteran care over to the most profligate department in the fucker? This guy either cannot think on his feet or doesn’t really have any convictions other than the same old tired platitudes we’re used to seeing from cons. This is special dumbassery, though. Furthermore, if you fold it into the Department of Defense, aren’t the same costs going to occur, just under a different ledger line?

Here’s more from the interview I’m quoting from:

You know, 14% down recruitment for our volunteer army right now. Why, because they are looking at what we are doing to our veterans.

Total bullshit. What are they doing to the vets that is so bad? See above. We are a long way away from a Bonus Army, for sure. People are falling through the cracks, I get that. The system is straining under the weight of so many soldiers coming back broken. But like I said, a brand new bureaucracy under the DD is not going to make things better. Recruitment is probably down because our new crop of kidlets don’t really like our doctrine of endless war. But hey, I’m just stabbing in the dark, just like Ben Carson. The only difference is that I’m not delusional enough to want to be president while being so fucking thick.

You can thank the VA for that, by the way.

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