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Rookie Rand Paul is having his own little Jeremiah Wright problem. Look what Alternet got a sniff of:

A fringe right-wing radio host who believes the government was behind 9/11, the Oklahoma City bombing, the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster, and several other catastrophes, has been a key figure in the political rise of Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), who will reportedly announce a run for president on April 7.

Paul has credited Alex Jones, who heads conspiracy website Infowars.com and an eponymous radio program, for being a vital part of his 2010 Senate campaign. Jones endorsed Paul, turned out followers to his events, and partnered with Paul for fundraising, at one point crashing his website. Since Paul’s election to the Senate, Jones has continued to serve as a key Paul booster, including endorsing him for 2016. 

Oh, but there are more tidbits:

Jones hosted Paul several times during his 2010 Senate race, telling listeners that he “can’t stress enough how important this race for the Kentucky Senate is.” Jones called Paul the “real McCoy” who will fight “against the New World Order” and “stop the thieving, stop the gang raping” in Washington.

While I do have some issues with thievery in politics, I don’t understand where the reference “gang-raping” belongs. Anyway, let’s continue:

After Paul was elected senator, Jones told him during a celebratory interview that the election was “a great victory for all lovers of liberty” and similar to George Washington’s victory at the Battle of Trenton.

Wow. Rand Paul’s election is like crossing the Delaware. Damn, I love this shit.

Jones and Paul pushed fringe conspiracy theories and rhetoric during Paul’s appearances. Paul worried that “martial law” with “mandatory” vaccines could surface. Paul agreed with Jones that Democrats want to start a “shooting war” marked by ammunition confiscation. Paul predicted that an “army of armed EPA agents” would enforce climate regulations. He connected the Obama administration to Nazi Germany. And he promised Jones he would help him fight the “globalist agenda” and help expose a White House adviser’s purported support for eugenics and forced drugs in the water supply.

Rand Paul is a lousy candidate for a host of reasons. He has enough problems of his own without having to run like the devil away from a nutter like Jones. I wonder if this will have legs, and will suffocate this candidacy in its crib. It doesn’t matter much in the end. This guy is a loser. Count on it.





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