This Is Why Hillary

Alternet sums up the visions(or hallucinations, hard to tell with these nutbags) of the GOP presidential field. It asks: what would America look like if the promises in their speeches became reality?

Here’s their list. Go to the link for expanded analysis.

The United States of Christian America. Every one of the candidates is not only anti-abortion and anti-LGBT, but would seek to impose their religious beliefs on America.

Give Me Liberty And Nothing Else. That’s the cry—freedom and liberty forever—especially by Cruz. But what does that really mean? They all talk about reviving America’s promise and prominence, but almost never acknowledge the real barriers to prosperity have more to do with the power and clout of corporate monopolies than with the reach of government.

Cut Taxes And Demonize Needs. If you start to dismantle federal programs (except the Pentagon), you don’t need revenues, right? That’s what they are saying—that taxes for most other purposes are too high.

Repeal Government Regulations. You’ve heard this before, especially over pollution laws and many health and safety standards. Rubio, the son of poor immigrants, lionized America “at the turn of the 19th century, [when] a generation of Americans harnessed the power of the Industrial Age and transformed this country into the leading economy of the world.” You would think he might know that was when business as usual meant child labor, no minimim wage, filthy slaugherhouses, sweatshops filled with new immigrants, government-led military assaults on labor protests, and zero environmental regulations, and more.

Drill Baby, Drill. And forget about climate change. Every one of them—especially the Texans Cruz and Rick Perry—want to let the oil and gas industry drill anywhere they can find petroleum, especially on federal lands and the continental shelves.

Shred Safety Nets. Christie thinks he’s being bold by giving a big speech on the safety nets for the elderly and poor. “Democrats believe entitlements are a sacred cow that cannot be honestly discussed, perpetuating a dangerous fantasy to the American people,” he said. As noted above, Christie’s solutions are not honest as they would push millions into poverty.

Widen Culture Wars. This isn’t just about imposing evangelical Christian morality on public policy, such as opposing abortion, reproductive options, and LGBT rights.

Expand U.S. Empire Abroad. This isn’t just putting more money into the military while cutting domestic spending, as Christie said toward the end of his New Hampshire speech—“our national defense has been hollowed out by years of underinvestment.” Rubio pledged “no longer being passive in the face of Chinese and Russian aggression” and slammed the Obama White House for “near total disregard for the erosion of democracy and human rights around the world.”

The left wing needs to wake the fuck up and vote a winner in, instead of sacrificing their vote because Clinton is “bought and paid for”. You see what we are up against?

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