Bucketfuls Of Stupid

Republican lawmakers are a fucking joke. America, what have you done? Why did you elect this crop of half-wits? Let’s zoom in on Arizona for your daily laugh.

Arizona Rep. Paul Gosar last week said even though Republicans cannot impeach President Obama, they can refuse to confirm any of his appointments.

“You may not be able to impeach a president,” he said. “But boy I tell you what: remember, we have the right of advise and confer. Nobody gets confirmed. Nada. Nobody. None. I don’t care how good of a person you are. You’re not gonna get it.”

Did you miss the important part? Probably not, since you have the good sense to come here. But I’ll highlight it anyway:

Rep. Paul Gosar.

Does the House have the power to confirm presidential appointees?

Um, no. And they advise and consent, not fucking ‘confer’, you twit. Read the motherfucking Constitution beyond the 2nd Amendment. Let’s move on:

Gosar, a Republican, had been telling his audience to imagine what it would be like if Obama went down as the president who “vetoed the most bills.”

“Imagine this. Just imagine this,” the Congressman said. “Barack Obama goes down as the president who vetoed the most bills and in the succeeding election cost his party another election.”

Once again, some basic idea of what is transpiring in politics today is needed, and this rep doesn’t have that. President Obama has 368 vetoes to go before he beats Franklin D. Roosevelt. I sincerely doubt this dysfunctional Congress will be able to get that many bills to the President’s desk. Senators know this, and that’s why they don’t even bring stupid bills up for debate. The president only has to threaten a veto and the bill is dead. Okay, last one:

He proceeded to make a reference to the work of renowned Chinese military philosopher Sun Tzu.

“The Sun Tzu book I talked to you about always states, know your adversaries’ strengths and your strengths and you’ll never lose. Don’t play to your weaknesses; play to your strengths always. Always play to an enemy’s weaknesses, never their strengths.”

I don’t have to consult the Art of War to know that Sun Tzu never said anything so mind-bogglingly obvious. Of course you fucking play your strengths and go after your enemies’ weakness. My 11 year old plays chess and could probably tell me this.

Arizona should join Arkansas in statewide quarantine. No travel to sane states permitted unless the voters pick someone with a functional cerebrum.

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