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I am a CREDO subscriber. They’re best known for donating to progressive causes. It costs me a little more than carriers that have enormous customer bases, and they use the Sprint network-which is awful. But I was attracted to the concept of the company. Recently they laid into the president for trying to shove the TPP through. An astute author dressed down CREDO, and rightly so:

CREDO’s entire business – selling mobile phones/devices and service – runs entirely on products made in Asian (and a few other) sweatshops.

You simply cannot buy a single product from CREDO that is made in America.

CREDO isn’t alone in selling sweatshop phones, of course, as evidenced by the fact that Motorola had to shut down the factory almost a year ago as the higher costs simply weren’t being made up.

So it may not have been entirely under CREDO’s control where the things it makes money off of were made, but let me be blunt: when your entire business model is based on selling foreign made goods to your customers under the guise of “progressivism”, you should really shut the hell up about trade.

I’m going to stay with them, for the time being. It is still a company with ethics I support. They still give a LOT of money to great organizations. I would even pay extra for them to make their shit in the USA or at least in places where they have fair labor practices. I think I’ll write them today after reading this.

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