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I have only been up to have breakfast, maybe a half hour. I’ve got MSNBC on and am perusing the HuffPo, which is how I usually start my liberally biased day. And god damn it, the top story everywhere involves a blogger, a detestable creature named Pamela Geller. And now here I am writing about her, which irritates me even more. But her little band of pigfucking Islam haters put on a little art show that attracted some violent attention.

I’d like to thank the dunderheads who attacked this convention because now you have made that chardonnay-swilling JAP a household name. The world was doing just fine tolerating her mess of a website.

I think what irks me the most is that Geller couched this stunt in the cloak of free speech. And it follows that sadly, I support her right to be a shrieking, bigoted attention-needing harpy who organized this country-fried stunt for 300 drooling anti-Islamic mouth breathers, just like I supported Charlie Hebdo for their right to draw whatever the fuck they want. It pains me to do this, but I agree with Pam Geller, for once. I will go further and say I don’t give a shit if it “insults Muhammed”. You religious people have to get over some of your stupid beliefs. It’s bad enough that I have to hear about Christians being persecuted because they don’t understand the concept of birth control or that their Jesus will be sad if they arrange flowers for a gay couple. I shouldn’t have to read equivalencies like this:

I’m not saying that some Muslims (and even people of other faiths) aren’t offended and/or disgusted by the idea of Geller offering $10,000 for people to draw despicable cartoons of Muhammad. This is akin to offering a prize for people to draw the most anti-Semitic or racist images imaginable, with the true goal being to stoke the flames of hate versus Jews or Blacks.

What? Give me a break. There is a holocaust behind anti-Semitic imagery. There is a stain on our nation’s character and a crime against humanity behind racist imagery. That is why it’s mighty fucked up to draw them or otherwise use them. But drawing a picture of the prophet? What inexcusable atrocity has been committed against Islam that those images evoke? None that I am aware of. It was written in one of your stupid books and like all religions, that seems to mean you have to go and inflict it on the rest of us non-believers and we are supposed to put up with it. Then you think you get to go and shoot something up, unaware that you are making what you all call a “martyr” of someone like Pam Geller.

I’m not intolerant. I’m fucking impatient. I’m waiting for a world to heal itself and abandon superstitions that do no one any good. In that world, Pam Geller has to return to her ice cream and baubles and watch TV in her empty nest until she dies of loneliness. I know there are scores of tolerant, enlightened Muslims who agree that Pam Geller is free to flail about all she wants. Unfortunately, all we will remember is the dumb SOBs who prove her correct.

Let’s do something worthwhile instead. Let’s draw cartoons of Pam Geller! Here’s just a few we can get started with.



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