Never let a cogent thought get in the way of disloyal posturing:

Congressman Steven Palazzo (R-MS) said he doesn’t believe that President Barack Obama is plotting a takeover of Biloxi, Mississippi.

Palazzo said he doubts the U.S. military would ever turn on the civilian population.

So far, so good. Glad to see some levelheaded talk from a Republican, especially one from the deep south. No, wait, hold on:

But if he ever did, Palazzo suggested, he wouldn’t be able to get away with it.

“He may find himself arrested if he ever did issue that order,” Palazzo said Tuesday on the Gallo Show on Mississippi’s SuperTalkFM radio.

And there it is. He continues to say that there’d be some Second Amendmentin’ going down too:

“And you’ve also gotta think, if you look at states like Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, there’s probably more guns per capita per individual. If people are looking to take down a civilian population or overthrow a state, they’d probably start somewhere where the gun laws are a lot stricter than in the South.”

Has Steve Palazzo seen the size of the US military? I don’t care how many pea shooters you have-the American armed forces would run through the South and any other region like a hot knife to butter in the utterly unlikely event that were to happen. You little bitches will drop your AR-15s and run the minute you see an Abrams come down Main Street. Go ahead and dream your impotent dream of armed resistance, though. After dribbling on about free speech, religious freedom and Obama’s unprecedented hate of the military(please drop me a line if you can understand why people think this-hmm, who loves sequestration? Oh yeah…), he turns to Iraq, repeating the same tired lies that seem to be popular given the war’s increased scrutiny lately:

“If we had done what George W. Bush said” and kept residual forces in Iraq after 2011, Gallo argued, there would be no ISIS in Iraq. “It’s a shame to have spilt the blood of American soldiers — and soldiers period, from the United Nations — and this is where we are at this time under this Commander-in-Chief. It’s a sorry state of affairs.”

“You’re absolutely right,” Palazzo said. “I think we talked about that before. If we’d listened — let’s just take the president out of it, George Bush — if we’d just listened to our military commanders, the people on the ground over there and also the people who were begging us to leave a residual force, we had the infrastructure in place to knock out the baddest of the bad guys.”

“But after years of corruption and us abandoning them, the entire Iraqi military just fell apart. We need more resources on the ground or we just need to walk away and allow Iran to have Iraq.”

Please see here. This is very persistent nonsense, this bunch of twaddle about military commanders and such. Furthermore, Iran doesn’t want the mess that is Iraq, you dumbass. Last I checked, something called “ISIS” was infecting it. Oh, sure, if things get out of hand and they continue to win territory, I suspect Iran will commit to military action, which they are already doing in a circumspect way.

I can’t believe this shit sells. But this is Dixie, our little retarded fool’s paradise, immune from intelligence or logic.

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